Welcome to the website of Elkan Akyürek, Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.


September 2017

Güven Kandemir officially started as a PhD in my group. Welcome aboard!

August 2017

More good news: Psychological Research has accepted Jefta‘s paper on “Visual and auditory temporal integration in healthy younger and older adults” for publication.

July 2017

I just published my 40th paper, entitled “What you see is what you remember: Visual chunking by temporal integration enhances working memory” in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience!

Giving a presentation in a church is perhaps a little odd for a scientist, but I nevertheless enjoyed it at the 2017 Heymans Symposium. I showcased Michael’s work on hidden brain states:

June 2017

More attention for Michael’s recent paper in an interview that appeared in our University newspaper, the “Universiteitskrant” (you may have to click the link twice for it to load properly).

May 2017

A nice and insightful commentary article by Rademaker & Serences was just published in Nature Neuroscience, accompanying Michael’s paper on hidden states underlying working memory.

Together with Michael and Aytaç, I will attend both the ECVP and the bi-annual ESCoP conference again this year, and present some of my recent work on the event-related potential correlates of temporal integration.

April 2017

The very first paper of Aytaç “The effects of Kanizsa contours on temporal integration and attention in rapid serial visual presentation” was just accepted for publication in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics!

March 2017

Nature Neuroscience just formally accepted Michael‘s paper “Dynamic hidden states underlying working memory guided behaviour” for publication!

Consciousness and Cognition is clearly on a roll, now also accepting Luca‘s paper “Illusions of integration are subjectively impenetrable: Phenomenological experience of Lag 1 percepts during dual-target RSVP” for publication.

February 2017

The journal Consciousness and Cognition accepted our paper “Distortions of temporal integration and perceived order caused by the interplay between stimulus contrast and duration” for publication as part of a Special Issue on brain potentials associated with consciousness!